Scheduling & Costs

Available for scheduling from early June through October:

Guide for your Customized Personal Healing Retreat.  

You may wish to begin with a craniosacral and/or deep tissue massage:  I request to base my fees on $100/HOUR; $200/2 Hours

Then hike to Pristine, Awe-Inspiring Waterfall or Spring and Powerful Vortices and/or Portals:  $280 for 4 hours/one person. 7 hours for $480/one person.  This will include guided meditations and visualizations.  

To Discuss and Plan your Personally Designed Transformational Spiritual Journey, phone me now at (530) 756-2771 or email

Discounts for multiple people.


All activities conducted in the Shasta Trinity Forest are operated under Shasta Vortex Adventures’ Special Use Permit from the US Forest Service. Shasta Vortex is fully insured and operates on a non-discriminatory basis