Additional Playshops

Additional Playshops for Your Personal, Guided Retreat in Mt. Shasta may Include:

  1. The Joy of Radical Responsibility Empowers you to recognize when you are operating from a victim, fear based consciousness and to, on the spot, step into Love Based self empowerment. The skills you will learn are presented in a graphic, easy-to-remember form. You will discover unexpected freedom and joy arising out of this practice.
  2. Empathy and Empowerment: Many of us in western cultures have developed habits of self-judgment that give rise to unnecessary suffering and disempowerment. Training is available in self empathy and self empowerment. This is based on Nonviolent Communication principles developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. Marie will support you awakening to your inherent worthiness and to your unconditioned compassion and wisdom.
  3. Empowering Your Compassionate Brain – Building Neural Pathways of Self Empathy and Compassion: Much of Awakening to your full potential is about optimizing brain and hormones. To Transform your inner critical parent into your Compassionate, Wise, Present Adult, we engage in a one-on-one dialogue, with optional eye gazing. This may be privately or in a group context, with friends supporting your healing process. Transforming your inner critic is critical.  :-))

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