Personal Retreats

FEEL Kind and Happy!   SPREAD Kindness and Happiness!

Heal Your Brain!  Heal the World!

Renew Your Spirit with Marie Endres 

Your Guided Personal Spiritual Journey can include:

  • Visionary Craniosacral Work™ and Deep Tissue Massage
  • Meditation and Contemplation Instruction
  • Daily Gentle Yoga
  • Soaking in Natural Hot Springs: Soothing your body and spirit
  • Purification and Rejuvenation at Healing Springs
  • Hiking to a majestic 35 foot waterfall
  • Guided Vision Quest with awe inspiring views.

KeraniMarieYorgWaterfallsmallAs part of your retreat, you may choose any or all of the following:

75 – 90 Minute Sessions of healing touch can include:

  • Visionary Craniosacral Work, Certified
  • Deep Tissue Massage for Shoulders, Back, Neck

Guided Vision Quest:  This Native American tradition is a universal and ancient path to find spiritual guidance and purpose. It is usually one to several days long. It is a time for deep communion with nature and your spiritual guides. An understanding of your identity may be revealed. This can turn on old habits that are no longer helpful. You may receive profound insight into your place in the world. This insight may come as a dream or vision that relates directly to your purpose and destiny in life.

Guided Hikes on Mt. Shasta:  4 hour or 7 hour or  several days.  Come alone, or with a friend,  sweetheart, or child(ren).  We will go to several powerful vortices or portals.  There I will lead you in guided meditation and visualization to bring about transformation and healing.  We will work from a place of deep self-acceptance.  We will connect with your inherent well-being and beauty.

During all sessions and hikes, Marie will provide personalized  support. We will delve into Meditation and Contemplation as core practices to enhance your experience.

usfsLogoAll activities conducted in the Shasta Trinity Forest are operated under Shasta Vortex Adventures’ Special Use Permit from the US Forest Service. Shasta Vortex is fully insured and operates on a non-discriminatory basis