Oncology Massage

This Complementary Care primarily involves light to medium pressure points on the feet and back that correspond to the vital organs that are so stressed during chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. Through massaging these points and other gentle, nourishing techniques, the immune system is supported.

Oncology Massage helps:

  • Decrease nausea, fatigue and pain
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Boosts stem cell production and blood counts
  • Greatly enhance your well-being
  • Nurture and Renew your Spirit

Marie’s healing touch and gentle words have helped me feel supported and nurtured through my breast cancer journey. Her therapy balanced my medical treatment and I felt like a whole person, not an illness, under her care. – Susan Lugo-Reed; Davis, CA

“I had a wonderful session with Marie yesterday evening, preparing for the surgery.  Surprisingly, after working with her, I felt calm and happy, and had an image that when the incision is made, a beam of bright light would come streaming from that opening in my chest.  Of course there are a lot of other feelings that have been coming up at different times, but it was wonderful to connect with that image. – a Davis Resident, the day before surgery

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