Helpful to Bring

There are a number of items you will want to have with you in to insure maximum benefit for your Mt. Shasta Healing & Transformational Retreat. These are not in prioritized order.

  1. refillable water bottle, preferably wide-mouth type
  2. sun hat
  3. sun glasses
  4. swimsuit/trunks/water shoes
  5. lip balm
  6. sun screen
  7. light weight long sleeve shirt (for sun protection)
  8. (Optional) small, soft cooler for your lunch and snacks, that will fit in your day pack
  9. a day pack with a strap for each shoulder
  10. walking stick (optional)
  11. your favorite snacks
  12. journal or notebook and pen
  13. hiking boots
  14. warm hat (especially if you are camping)
  15. warm gloves (optional)
  16. medium to heavy jacket (depending on if you are camping)
  17. sleeping bag (if you are camping)
  18. pillow (if you are camping)
  19. crystal, prayer beads (sacred objects you wish to purify in sacred springs)
  20. check before you pack

This is meant to be helpful but not necessarily an exhaustive list. Be sure to ask Marie if you have any questions.


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