About Marie

Marie_Shasta_July_2005In 1968, Marie had a profound life changing awakening. In the deep south.  One night, I was staring into the campfire, at Georgia Methodist church camp. It was one of those genuine soul searching nights, praying to understand the meaning of life. Now I would describe it as though the veils parted. Suddenly I saw behind all our outer differences that we are all of the same Divine essence. My heart was blown open with gratitude for this profound gift. It was in that moment that I awoke, in love with God in every person. Since that night, my life has been dedicated to being of service to the Great Good in everyone.

When Marie was age 19, she suddenly realized that frequently we cause our own suffering. I have seen, again and again, that suffering mostly arises out of what we tell ourselves. Often we subtly or heavily judge our self and others. We can change these habits, on the spot, whenever we choose.  This kind and skillful transformation is what I am particularly passionate about.  

Recently, Marie has been especially inspired by the research that is coming forth regarding how to more wisely relate to our brain and emotions. Her formal education has significantly lent itself to transformation processes which she brings to the personal healing retreats.  She holds a BA in Social Work and an AA in Mental Health.  She received her Visionary Craniosacral Work™ certification from Milne Institute, Inc and has had a private practice in Davis, CA for 19 years. You may check out her healing touch website at MarieEndres.com  She has been to Buddhist seminary and is a Meditation Instructor and Assistant Director in the Shambhala tradition.

Training in Nonviolent Communication principles, developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg has deepened her understanding of the power of empathy to heal our emotional wounds. Our unconscious habits of protection, of these wounds, are what often sabotages our vision and power to move forward in greater wholeness and contribution.

She draws on the experience of her own healing journey, including 40 years of meditative practice. Marie sees the healing process as one which optimizes the potency of your inner healing wisdom. There is a strong emphasis on the holistic connection of your body, mind, and spirit.  She is here to  support the transformation you wish in  your relationships and livelihood.

With over 40 years of studying holistic healthcare, the following are often an integral part of what she offers to optimize your and your family’s well-being:

  • meditation instruction
  • postural alignment and stretching exercises
  • diet/nutritional support
  • wholesome lifestyle consulting
  • personal and relational rejuvenation

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